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Setting Miscellaneous Options

The following options are grouped under miscellaneous options in e-automate:

·      Custom Properties: This option enables custom properties, giving you the ability to add custom fields on customers, contracts, equipment, makes and models.

·      Number Editing: These options allow you to determine what entities in e-automate can have their numbers edited. You can select from: contracts, customers, employees, equipment, items, and vendors.

·      File Attachments: This option allows you to determine where your saved files are located. You can also set a maximum size for files you will allow your users to attach and set the number of revisions of the files your users attach that you want the system to retain. This allows you to lower the amount of hardware memory used.

·      Export Modules: This option allows you to configure the export settings for specific areas of e-automate.

·      Disable "Auto populate" on lists: This option allows you to turn off auto populating on the service contracts list.

·      e-info URL: This option allows you to specify the URL you were provided to access e-info.

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